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Sen. McCain discusses Syria on CNN/Piers Morgan

Posted August 30, 2013

Worked with a great crew yesterday, including Tom Bradshaw from Via Sky Communications, on a short segment with Senator McCain for CNN’s Piers Morgan Live. It was obviously an important discussion, and I was honored to witness it first-hand.


Piers Morgan on CNN

Posted November 5, 2012

Just finished a live remote with Sen. John McCain for Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN. It was a quick shoot, but I enjoyed spending time with Mitchell and the crew from Desert Sky Media. What a bunch of pros! Senator McCain was great too, and Prescott is especially beautiful this time of year.

“Characters” TV Pilot with Joe Mantegna

Posted May 4, 2011

I was fortunate recently to work on the pilot of “Characters,” an interview show hosted by actor/writer/producer (and wonderfully nice man) John Kapelos from “The Breakfast Club.” The program also featured the very gracious Joe Mantegna and hilariously sweet Jon Polito.
Renowned actors Joe Mantegna and John Kapelos on the set of